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Random Blathering About Writing

So I've been keeping busy this summer by branching out into writing for a different fandom than my old Sims stories.

Back in the spring I finally picked up a copy of Dragon Age: Origins after hearing deagh talking about it a lot, and loved it to pieces. Played rather obsessively for a while, then followed deagh on over to fanfiction.net and started writing fics based on it. And I've been having a blast with that.

Yadda yadda about writing for DA:O and the difficulty of smut...Collapse )

Stories (Continued...)

A lengthy one, written after I started an Erudite Shadowknight as an alt.

The SearchCollapse )

Stories (Continued...)

This one was a joint effort, where a friend of mine started a story on the Roleplaying forums, and myself and other friends chipped in bits. As with most co-operative works, it's a bit disjointed. The bits marked "Magpye" are also by me - my main characters over the years were Iztariani (Erudite paladin), Magpye (halfling druid), and Snoww Pea (halfling rogue). I often wrote stories of them as friends and companions.

The Search for IztarianiCollapse )

Stories (Continued...)

My first adventures at the lake of Ill Omen, a place I was to come to know very well over the years.

At The LakeCollapse )

Stories (Continued...)

Leaving on my first trip to Kunark...

New LandsCollapse )

Stories (Continued...)

This second story is rather more lengthy, and was based loosely on my real in-game adventures.

The early part of the story is based on an event I stumbled across, where a bunch of roleplaying ogreas, trolls and dark elves were attacking the city of Freeport. I tagged along and observed, and then wrote this story based on it. The latter part of the story deals with my further adventures and meeting with the group of guys who went on to become my regular nightly group whom I played with for years afterwards, until WoW and EQ2 came out and broke up the set.

Miss them still!

Companions of the SwordCollapse )

Iztariani with Ghostbane

OMG! Stories!!!

So I randomly googled the name of one of my old Everquest characters, and stumbled across a trove of my early fanfic, stories written about my Everquest characters, some of them in concert with other friends. Figured I should repost them somewhere else other then the very aged forum they're currently on, so if it poofs there's still a version of them somewhere.

Man has my writing ever improved a lot since these. Though parts of them aren't bad.

1 - She's Leaving HomeCollapse )

Still Alive

Going on and off being a social hermit.

Killed some time setting up a couple new 'hoods lately; took a few tries at one for myself, wasn't working worth beans (didn't have a good enough idea in my head yet for what stories to tell; it showed in the attempt to build anything). Then a friend mentioned needing a new 'hood herself (hi deagh!) and spending a few weeks throwing that together finally got my brain on the right track for making my own. So now I'm finally writing regularly again, in a new place that hopefully won't crash and burn on me before I'm done with it *mutters darkly about her previous n'hood*.

This time instead of trying to keep everything crammed in one super-duper complex story with a cast of thousa.... errr, hundreds... I've set it in a very, very small town, and any ideas I get for side stories that are short enough, I'm doing as separate stand-alone site stories rather then trying to twist the main storyline to fit them in. It's keeping my number of characters and lengthy flashbacks and so forth much more controllable already.

And if someone is actually ready this and curious to read any of them, the main story is This Imperfect World on the TSR forums, and so far the side stories to it are One Perfect Day and Nate's Story.

Apart from writing I'm doing a lot of creating lately; all that house building for the two 'hoods gave me a hugely long list of "dammit, I wish that I had ______" stuff, from more grunged up recolours to additional completer pieces, a ton more options for my old photo frames, and so on and so forth. I've even started experimenting with things like making my own pose box, ooo aaah.

Its kind of sad-making how few people still create for TS2. Especially when I still can't stand playing TS3. Oh well, hopefully in a few years we'll all be moving on to a TS4 anyway, and they'll have repaired a bunch of the stuff they f-ed up with TS3 that makes me loathe it so much.

It's That Time of Year Again...

Last year I'd planned to do a story based on one of my LOTRO characters, my captain Miffy Ayrhedd and her herald-pet Chad (who has since been renamed Ben in-game). Then at the last minute I abandoned all the pre-planning I'd done featuring the pair of them, and went with another idea instead which, predictably, fizzled out on me all too soon. Bleah.

So this year I've revived Miffy and Chad, who have now acquired the names Myffead and Thorc in-story. So far things are going much, much better then they did last year - I had a good start on Day 1 and knocked out the required 1666 words by lunch. The next two days I hit some "whoops, didn't plan out that bit yet" walls and got a few pages behind in my writing, but then today I've had another good day and am now almost completely caught up.

Hopefully things will continue going reasonably well this year!

*Mutters and Grumbles*

Who the hell ever thought that online advertisements with automatically playing video and LOUD audio were a good idea? They annoy the crap out of me. I swear, they make me less likely to ever use, buy, sign up for, or see whatever the crap they're advertising. If I was in a supermarket choosing between two products and I recognized one from one of those annoying ads, I would go with the other, just because my annoyance level with the brand would be so much less.

Today I've officially given up on looking at LOLCats, which I used to consider an amusing time-waster when I had a few minutes to kill - it's not amusing to have an obnoxiously loud advertisement for carpet cleaner sounding off on every. single. fracking. page.

Thank god for funny things that are still free of the curse of online audio-video advertisement, like the brilliant My Milk Toof and a vast assortment of good online comics (like Misfile, FreakAngels, and Diesel Sweeties, to choose three at random from my links list).

This rant brought to you by the letters F and O, and Resolve Deep-Clean Powder, the carpet cleaner that can rot in hell for eternity.

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